10 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know about Kaitlyn Bristowe


With each passing season, ABC’s The Bachelorette continues to draw in millions of viewers who can’t get enough of watching an attractive young woman on her quest for love.  This season’s bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe, is a TV personality from Canada who also appeared of season 19 of The Bachelor. Having dated several professional athletes in the past, Bristowe is no stranger to trying to find her perfect mate. This season, she has become very among viewers and as her quest continues towards the finale, many people wonder how Bristowe will decide. However, before the big day, there are a few things about Kaitlyn that you may find interesting.  Here are 10 shocking facts you didn’t know about Kaitlyn Bristowe.

She doesn’t like ice cream

This might be hard to believe, because really, who doesn’t enjoy eating ice cream?!  Well, apparently, Kaitlyn Bristowe does.  According to Bristowe, “I hate ice cream. My favorite dessert is chocolate sticky toffee pudding. ” Well, that’s nice to know for anyone who has ever planned on taking her out for an ice cream date!

She bites her nails in her sleep

For some people, nail-biting is a very serious habit.  Have you ever known someone who chews their nails obsessively? Yeah, it’s never a good thing, and usually you can tell just by looking at someone’s hands whether or not they’ve got a nail-biting problem.  However, while most people bite their nails out of nervousness of boredom, Bristowe’s habit seems to be much deeper than that.  She’s even admitted that sometimes she bites her nails in her sleep.  Talk about dedication!

She’s very big on confidence and high self-esteem

Bristowe hasn’t just used the spotlight for her own personal gain.  She’s also supported causes she believes in, one of which promotes confidence and acceptance. Bristowe has used her Instagram page to encourage her followers to sign a change.org petition asking magazines to cut back on the use of photoshop and show images of people how they actually look.  She has also supported Raw Beauty Talks which focuses on “promoting the mental and physical health of girls and young women by increasing their self-confidence and cultivating positive body image through education in schools, public events, and through media.”

She thinks the sound of her laugh is annoying.

While Kaitlyn Bristowe enjoys a good laugh, she’s not a huge fan of the way her laugh sounds.  According to Bristowe, her laugh “sounds like a donkey or a hyena.” However, she also said, “I’m perfectly fine with that because I’ll never hold back on laughter – it’s one of my favorite things to do.”

She’s very scared of birds

If you’ve ever seen the old Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds, you’ll understand exactly why being afraid of bird makes perfectly good sense. However, while most people who are afraid of birds feel that way because they’re scared of being attacked and pecked to death, Bristowe says it’s the “flapping” that really gets to her.

She’s a talented dancer

When people become famous from appearing in reality TV, it can be easy to write them off as attention hungry and talentless.  However, Bristowe is actually a very talented dancer who has been honing her skills since childhood.  In fact, Bristowe cites her biggest accomplishment as earning a dance scholarship that helped her get out of her small town.

She likes to high-five herself

Lots of people have personal routines to help them get their days started.  Some people like to read inspirational quotes, some like to meditate, and some prefer to do their own thing.  Bristowe is definitely one of those people who prefers to do their own thing and her morning ritual includes high-fiving herself in the mirror each to get things off to a good start.  Hopefully she’s got plenty of Windex because her mirror is probably full of hand prints!

She’s seen every single episode of Family Guy

Most people think watching lots of TV is a complete waste of time. But if you’ve ever really gotten into a good show, you know that sometimes it can be hard to pull yourself away. Bristowe is a huge fan of the cartoon sitcom Family Guy, and prides herself on the fact that she’s seen every episode of the show. With nearly 250 episodes that’s pretty impressive.

She likes to rap

There’s a pretty good chance Kaitlyn Bristowe will never enter your top five favorite rapper list, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying spitting a few bars every now and then. She’s even been known to drop a few gems in her tweets.  Check this one out: “Forgive my delay but I’m on vay cay and will tweet about all of this tomorrow. if you don’t read that as a rap then I’m disappointed in you.”  Yeah, she was probably disappointed in a lot of people after that one!

She’s never spent more than $100 on shoes

Shoes are one of the most important accessories.  In fact, many people believe if you have to spend a lot of money on something, it should be shoes.  Not only because a good-looking pair of shoes is important, but because it’s really important to take good care of your feet.  However, Bristowe isn’t buying that – literally. According to her, she’s never spent more than $100 on shoes, which is pretty incredible – especially for someone who’s spend a decent amount of time on TV.

(image via https://twitter.com/ikxnjune)

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