The 10 Most Successful Boy Bands of All-Time


Boy bands are always a solid commodity. Girls love them, no matter their ages. There seems to be something irresistible about a group of guys that sing, dance and make you feel good about yourself. While boy bands typically have big tween and teen girl fan bases, all age groups have grown to appreciate them, too; especially those who grew up listening to the music of boy bands. If you’re in your late 20s or 30s, you can probably name the biggest boy bands of all time right off the top of your head. Read on to find out who they are.

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Boyz II Men

It should come as no surprise to anyone that one of our first picks is Boyz II Men. They’re the singers of some of the most well-known, most loved, most romantic songs of all time. You can still sing them word for word, even if you were only 10 or 11 when they came out. They have more than 10 albums that have a multi-platinum status and numerous numbers ones, including songs like  “End of the Road,” “Mama,” and their Mariah Carey Collaboration, “One Sweet Day.”

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Backstreet Boys

What might seem surprising to many women is the fact that the Backstreet Boys are further up on the list than N’Sync. They were out about the same time, they were big about the same time, and they were some serious fan favorites. The band came out big time in 1996, split up for a bit and even made a comeback recently with a tour alongside New Kids on the Block. No matter how old this group of “boys” gets, they’re always going to be one of the biggest boy bands of all time with three number one albums and six top 10 hits.

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New Kids on the Block

They were the biggest boy band around in the late 80s and early 90s and they even took the time to make a comeback in 2011 with a tour alongside the Backstreet Boys. This group of guys was the group whose posters hung in the bedroom of every tween, teen and young adult woman back in the day, and those who were fans back then still love their music. The band made it big with 13 top 100 hits, two American Music Awards and even seven albums. Though they’re not longer boys, they’re still heartthrobs to the women who used to love them.

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You can argue all you want, but if you ask someone to name a boy band, they’re going to name N’Sync. This is highly ironic given the fact that they have the shortest career as a group in boy band history. The group was majorly popular, but they didn’t last long once Justin Timberlake realized that he was the heart and soul of the group. Now his career, on the other hand, is going just fine even if the rest of the guys from the band haven’t been heard from in years. It’s been over a decade since they broke up, but that doesn’t mean we don’t all become a bit excited when we hear one of their songs.

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They were at their most famous in the mid-90s with hits like, “I Swear,” which was even converted into a country music single at one point by a country star. All-4-One wasn’t your typical boy band with their R&B sound and their soulful appeal, but they were a boy band and they were a good one. Their music was romantic and completely awesome. Hearing one of their songs today is going to get you in the mood to sing along and even dance a bit. “I Swear” was a number one hit that earned the group a Grammy award.

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P. Diddy – who was known as Puff Daddy at the time – found this group in the late 90s and early 2000s. Their biggest hit was “Peaches and Cream,” which launched them into worldwide fame. When Notorious B.I.G was killed, the group teamed up with Biggie’s late wife, Faith Evans, to sing a song called, “I’ll Be Missing You,” which went to number one in no time at all. It spent 11 weeks as the number one song and even earned the group a Grammy back in 1997, making them one of the most successful boy bands of all time.

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98 Degrees

Their music might have taken a back seat to front man Nick Lachey’s reality television series and marriage to pop star Jessica Simpson, but 98 degrees was one of the biggest boy bands of all time. Their most famous song, “I Do,” is the song so many couples dance to for the first time as husband and wife. I’m not going to lie, this was the song my husband and I danced to a decade ago on our wedding night, too. The group has been dodging rumors lately that they’re making a comeback later this year, but we all hope it’s true!

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Jonas Brothers

This trio of Disney stars is a musical masterpiece. They hit the scene hard a few years ago when they starred in the Disney television movie, “Camp Rock,” alongside Demi Lovato and they only recently stopped being such a fan favorite. The three brothers are allegedly no longer speaking to each other, but they’re still very young and probably want to make a comeback later in their lives, like most boy bands do. The brothers are currently enjoying their own thing; one is married with a new baby, one is on Broadway and the other is off to begin his solo career.

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MMMbop…who can forget that? They were the trio of long-haired brothers with the catchiest tunes around (for you younger readers, they were my generation’s Jonas Brothers). They were big in 1997 when they introduced their hit single, but they didn’t last too long on the charts. Each one went a separate way after a while, and most of them are married with several kids at the moment. There’s yet to be any rumors that the trio is making a comeback, but that might be because they’re enjoying their time off with their families and their influx of new babies.

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New Edition

Can you believe that New Edition was originally formed back in, wait for it, 1978? I grew up listening to these guys and they were part of the band for five years before I was even born. They are one of the most successful boy bands in history, and also the boy band credited with beginning the boy band craze that broke free in the 80s. They made a slight comeback in the mid-90s, but that didn’t last too long. Even if they’re not around anymore, their music makes you get up and dance and shout, “That’s my jam!” as loud as possible.

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*Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about One Direction or Menuto!  Plus you can consider the Jackson 5 a boy band if you want.

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