15 Notoriously Bad Celebrity Tippers

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The last person you expect to give a lousy tip is a celebrity since they basically roll in dough from all their projects. It turns out that some of them like to hold on to their cash with a tight fist. While there’s nothing wrong with saving, it’s unfortunate that some celebrities decide to be extremely frugal when it comes to giving tips. It’s never a good PR move to give little or worse no tip at all. It’s even worse if they leave a DVD set of their television show as tip. Here are some examples that prove being successful doesn’t always make a person generous…

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2014 Winter TCA Tour - Day 12

Jeremy Piven

The Entourage star is infamously banned at Nobu, a restaurant in Aspen, for being a bad tipper and allegedly acting like a diva. The biggest offense of all and one that people can’t seem to forget is the fact that he left behind the DVD set of the aforementioned TV show as tip. Apparently, the staff didn’t appreciate it and subsequently threw it at Piven as the latter was walking out.

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iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 2 - Show

Britney Spears

The pop star is infamous for her bad tipping habits in Los Angeles that she’s banned in many restaurants in the area. It’s bad enough that she doesn’t tip the proper amount, but she also threw change on the ground for a valet. Additionally, word is that she asked a waiter to get Starbucks coffee for her without giving him a tip or even paying him back.

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2013 Tiger Jam

Tiger Woods

He might be one of the richest and most famous athletes in the world, but don’t expect him to carry his dough around everywhere. Numerous reports claim that he relies on his plastic to do the talking and hopes that his party friends bring enough cash to cover the tips. If you’re planning to hang out with Tiger, consider yourself warned.

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Miley Cyrus

The pop star didn’t leave a tiny tip to her servers. She left nothing at all when she was out having dinner with her sister at a Steakhouse. The bill was $70 and apparently that’s all they had since there was no tip to be found. This incident happened in 2009 and we are hoping that she learned her lesson.

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Lebron James

The NBA star is slightly better than Tiger at tips since he actually does hand cash out just not in the amount you expect from someone as big as James.  He allegedly made a restaurant in Cleveland stay open until four in the morning. I guess the business obliged since they expected him to give them good business. He did spend over $800 in the establishment, but sadly the waiter only got $10 out of it.

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Bill Cosby

This comedian is between “no tips” and “small tips” since he gives servers close to nothing. Reports claim that Cosby gave a 0.08% tip one time and that’s not the end of it. He once made a bellhop carry six huge bags and only tipped him fifty cents. Somebody needs to tell Cosby that cents aren’t worth so much anymore in 2014.

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2013 Geneva Auto Show


This star might not have left a box-set CDof his greatest hits as tip, but his tipping habits are just as bad. Reports claim that he often bails on tips, and leaves an autograph at most.  Usher might have thought that his autograph on a napkin can compensate for tip if servers sell them online.

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Victoria Beckham Visits Singapore

Victoria Beckham

We heard that Posh spice isn’t embarrassed about not paying any tip at all. When a waitress tried to confront her about it, the poor server was told to “step off” by security. What makes it worse is that Katie Holmes was there and she didn’t say a thing. It makes us wonder if she shares the same habits as well.

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Season Premiere Screening Of Fox's "American Idol" - Inside

Mariah Carey

Carey is already infamous for being a “diva” during many instances. It turns out that it she lets it affect her tipping as well. She allegedly does not tip a single dime even if she makes difficult requests on establishments and its servers. She might be giving businesses a lot of dough, but it’s the employees who rely on tips that gets the short end of the stick.

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Dwayne Johnson

He might be the guy that turns dying movie franchises into money making gold mines, but he isn’t as generous when it comes to tipping. He isn’t as bad as the others mentioned in the list. However, people are still miffed because of his bad habits. One report claimed that he left a 5% tip that was only $7.

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"Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" Australian Premiere

Kirsten Dunst

Dunst is a frequent customer in one restaurant located in West Hollywood. The establishment once gave her a meal on the house. Too bad that there are reports that claim that the actress never bothered to return the favor. She didn’t leave a single tip to the employees in the restaurant during her many visits.

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Sean Penn

This actor’s star power does not equate his tip generosity. A lot of people would think that a celebrity like Penn would have enough dough for it. Reports claim that Penn didn’t give anything after he spent over $450 somewhere. Maybe he was just short on cash every time he dines out.

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Hugo by Hugo Boss Show - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Autumn/Winter 2012

Rupert Everett

In the novel Saying Goodbye, author and waitress Katherine Taylor calls Rupert Everett one of the cheapest celebrity tippers in the industry. Reports claim that he leaves little to no tips when he’s out and about. Perhaps he should ask Usher and Jeremy Piven for other ways to tip if he’s low on cash.

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KitchenAid® Culinary Demonstrations - Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival

Rachel Ray

This woman might be famous for her culinary skills, but she is infamous when it comes to how much she tips. Reports say that she only tips at a maximum of 7% and is tight with her budget. Some are surprised by her attitude especially since she would be the type who would be familiar with the industry.

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