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$5 Million Offer Has Been Made For One-Off Wu-Tang Clan Album

For those who do not know, Wu-Tang Clan are releasing a new album. The kicker is, they are releasing only one album, as in only one copy. For real. They are sitting back and letting cats come to them with offers to own it. The highest bidder will be the lucky winner of this one shot album from this seminal rap group. The truth is, the offers have already started rolling in, and they are no joke.

The Album, entitled “The Wu: Once Upon A Time in Shaolin has already been given a five million dollar offer, so says Clan member RZA. While some may scoff at this, think about how cool this is for a real fan of hip hop and rap. Wu-Tan Clan (are for the children) are easily one of the most talented and prolific rap groups of all time, and I can tell you, if I was rich, I would be bidding. To own a one of a kind album from one of the greatest bands ever is priceless in my opinion. Plus, can you imagine the bragging rights that would get you?

“Yeah, I am the one person who owns this prestigious collector’s item.” That would actually be pretty cool. Plus, you know it will only double in value based on whatever you paid for it, so it is not like you couldn’t turn a profit if you decided to share the love at some point.  In other words, it is an investment well worth making.  Just a shame none of us normal people will be able to make it.

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