6 Celebrities Who Never Seem To Age

Is it just me, or are there some celebrities who never seem to age? The way they look in the 90’s is the way they look in 00’s and it just never seems to stop. Is it magic? Is it voodoo? Is it some magic spell they can get from their Illuminati brethren or something? No, it is none of those things. Some people just age more gracefully than others. Also, in the limelight, those people often take care of themselves physically and mentally because they know they will be getting watched closely at all times. Here, for your amusement, a list of 6 celebrities who never seem to age.


Pharrell might be the best example, to be honest. If you look up how he looked in the 90’s way back when he started producing hits, you will see that he looks the exact same as he looks now. Honestly, the only thing that has changed is that big, goofy hat he wears now so we know it is 2014 Pharrell and not 1998 Pharrell. Seriously, the two look the exact same if it weren’t for that hat.

Will Smith

While it could be said you can tell Will Smith is a teenager in his Fresh Prince days, you watch his movies from the last 20 years, and he looks the exact same age in every one. It is like he hit 25 and just stopped aging. This is all made even weirder by the fact that his son, Jaden Smith, just looks like a shrunk down version of him.

Ewan McGregor

Maybe it is the Jedi in him that keeps him looking young and ageless, but you gotta admit, it has to be some type of space magic of some sort. Only because nothing else make sense. Normal men age like Val Kilmer. We get rounder and sort of less pleasant to look at. Ewan McGregor stands in total opposition to that belief.

Gwen Stefani

You didn’t think that just the boys were gonna be getting love on this list, did you? Heck no. Gwen Stefani might be the best example of not aging at all in 20 plus years. Seriously, go watch one of her music videos from the 90’s. After you do that, go watch one of the music videos from last year. Can you tell the difference? It is like her and her also ageless husband Gavin Rossdale have a fountain of youth in their home.

Halle Berry

Literally, an ageless beauty who never looks a day older than the very first time you saw her, Halle Berry must know some serious witchcraft to keep herself looking as young and as stunning as she does. I see photos of her and assume they are from 2001, and find out they are from last week. That, alone, says something. Some women age like wine, and Halle Berry is one of those kinds of women.

Elijah Wood

They say being a spritely Hobbit can keep you young, and I guess they are right. Elijah Wood has been in the industry his whole life, and honestly, he has looked the exact same. Granted, he may not look like the child he once did, but all his features have stayed the same. Not a wrinkle in sight, and not a grey hair to be found.

Okay, I figured it out across the course of this article. They are all vampires. Hollywood is run by vampires. Now excuse me while I go hide under my bed for a little bit.

(Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

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