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Adam Lambert Clarifies his Les Misérables Twitter Rant

Adam Lambert has never been one to shy away from a little controversy, but even he was a bit surprised when his Twitter critique of Tom Hooper’s big-screen adaptation of “Les Misérables” went viral. In fact, it got so big that “Les Mis” star Russell Crowe even addressed Lambert’s statements.

But, Lambert took to Twitter once again late Wednesday to clarify just what he meant when he criticized the actors in the film for not being professional singers, noting that he was a bit distracted by the film’s live singing aspect.

“My movie review has gone viral. U can spend a whole year praising artists for inspiring work, but one critique gets all the attention. Funny,” he wrote. “Those raw and real moments when characters broke down or were expressing the ugliness of the human condition were superb. However… My personal opinion: there were times when the vocals weren’t able to convey the power, beauty and grace that the score ALSO calls for.”

On a side not.  Is this really what we’re posting right now?  I’m desperate for some news!  I refuse to post anything about Erin Andrews and her New Year’s fling with a hockey player.  I don’t care that Kim Kardashian won’t get a deal from Weight Watchers.   So I decided to post about Adam Lambert?

What’s wrong with me?  Or should I say the world?

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