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Why Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Will Be Cool Parents

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Behati Prinsloo, the model and brand-new bride of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, recently said that she “definitely” wants to have his babies. The couple just got married July 19 in Mexico and are off to South Africa for their honeymoon. If they do decide to procreate, here are a few reasons why these newlyweds will be cool parents.

1) Levine seems to be able to do everything he wants to do and with excellent time management skills.

He decided he wanted to start acting and got cast with in the season two of American Horror Story in probably about five minutes. Levine, 35, continues to act and write for television (i.e. he once wrote on an episode of Girls), coach The Voice, and make music, and he seems to juggle it all without a problem. Levine can definitely teach his children how to do it all and make it all work on a schedule.

2) With one of them named Behati, you know the duo are definitely going to pick some funky, unique first names.

The Victoria’s Secret model and Namibia native, 25, has a very uncommon name (have you ever even heard it before she came along?). These future parents are definitely going to think of some funky, cool, and unique names for the progeny.

3) They seem to know how to have a good time and know the importance of displaying affection.

The loving twosome are always photographed smiling and holding hands, her piggy-back riding on his back, or holding each other in some way. The Levine’s are staples at Coachella and go to events constantly. They will totally teach their kids to appreciate a good evening out on the town and to do it arm in arm with the people you love.

4) They look good in ‘dem genes.

These two lithe, attractive people will definitely spread some seriously attractive chromosomes to their children. Adam is really witty and it’s assumed that Behati must have a quick intellect and good sense of humor in order to be his pick-for-life. Whether they have their father’s dark brown hair or mother’s lighter coloring, the Levine clan will most likely be in the highest end of the spectrum looks-wise. In addition to outward appearances, the parents will also pass on their positive personality traits, resulting in some pretty cool kids.

(Photo by Gary Gershoff/WireImage)

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