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Adele Gives a Clue About Her New Album Title

Adele was the IT artist a few years ago, but she kind of vanished. Not because people didn’t like her, but because she didn’t want to saturate the market. At the same time, she has been silently working on an album that few people knew about.Well, now we have a good idea what the title to the new Adele album is, which is great because it tells us we are one step closer to getting a new Adele album. Now that is good news for everyone.

As many know, Adele albums have been named to go along with her age. So when she recently tweeted “Bye Bye 25”, a great many fans and followers took that as a hint to what her next album may be called. It fits with the titles of her other albums, and seems the kind of thing the star would do to whet the appetite of her fans. The worst problem with this being that it is pure speculation and has no footing in proof. We are just theorizing with the rest of her fans and the internet. With the album set to drop later in the year, I guess we will find out how right we were soon enough.

In the mean time, I now really want to go listen to her Bond song, Skyfall. That song is so epic.

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

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