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Alec Baldwin Gets Arrested on his Bicycle in Manhattan

Oh man, Alec Baldwin cannot catch a break. Don’t worry, we are well aware some of those things have been caused by him and his over-the-top ways, but still. Seems like the authorities have their eyes on the guy and he will not be getting any potential relief from that any time soon. Why do I say this? Well, Alec Baldwin was just arrested again. Baldwin needs to learn to just keep his mouth quiet and stay low key for awhile.

So what happened was, cops saw Alec Baldwin riding his bike against the traffic in New York (you always ride with and not against in major cities) and they pulled him aside to tell him that was not okay. What happened next is that he just went all Alec Baldwin on them and started getting mad and sort of doing his Baldwin tirade thing. This did not make the cops very happy, and they arrested him immediately for disorderly conduct.

Alec Baldwin needs to learn that he is that one kid in class right now that the teachers are watching and waiting to make an example of in front of all the other students. For that reason, he needs to just be quiet, keep to himself, and for God’s sake, drive your bike with the traffic and not against it, Alec.  You start doing simple things like this, Alec Badlwin, and we bet you the cops just leave you alone.

(Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

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