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Alicia Keys and John Legend to Salute the Beatles in Grammy Tribute

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So yesterday, we broke some news about how The Eurythmics are going to singing some Beatles songs in the post-Grammy Beatles tribute show that will be recording and airing after The Grammys this year. Good news for fans keep an eye on that show. Seems singers Alicia Keys and John Legend just got added to the names of acts who will be doing Beatles songs. Those two have some serious pipes, so we are getting more and more cyked about this after-special every day.

So the way the whole show will work will be one giant nod to The Beatles and the huge affect they have on music. So far we know that Maroon 5 and The Eurythmics are involved. Now we know that Alicia Keys and John Legend are involved we are even more pumped. Most fans of music are also fans of The Beatles, and to get to hear some other pop stars and acts get to put their own spin on some of their classic tunes is a really exciting and interesting prospect.

Truth be told, once they mentioned the inclusion of Alicia Keys and John Legend, we are officially looking forward to the after show more than the actual Grammys. Hey, someone had to say it. This is The Beatles we are talking about.

(Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images for TRANS4M)

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