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Alyson Hannigan Cries Over Saying Goodbye to TV Husband Jason Segal

CBS 2013 Upfront Presentation

The entire cast of CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother celebrated the 200th episode and the ninth and final season on The Talk this week. Each star had an opportunity to share what they’ll miss the most about each other. When it was Alyson Hannigan’s turn she got a little emotional over saying goodbye to on-screen husband Jason Segal.

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When Sharon Osbourne asked what she’d miss the most about Segal, Hannigan replied –

“He’s just such a wonderful guy . . . I’m getting all . . .” Hannigan, 39, said while getting choked up. “I’m not gonna miss him,” she joked, trying to laugh away the tears. “I’m not good at answering this question at all,” she cried.

Segal played if off very cool and gave a heartfelt answer when asked what he’d miss the most about Hannigan. It was a touching moment for the cast that’s been together for so long. It was actually a pretty cool scene to see the cast together sharing moments and how they’ve impacted each other’s lives.

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