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Amanda Bynes is on a Downward Spiral

Her weight has plummeted recently but in yet another bizarre tweet Amanda Bynes has revealed she feels ‘pudgy‘. The troubled 26-year-old actress has once again taken to Twitter to discuss her feelings. While last week it was a graphic description about what she wanted her crush rapper Drake to do to her, this week it is what Amanda has dubbed ‘girl problems’.

On Tuesday Amanda tweeted: ‘Looking pudgy and I broke my nail #GirlProblems.’ While not feeling her best when she posted the photo, just a few hours later Amanda had a change of heart, posting a picture of the same outfit with a blue short sleeved shirt over it. The shirt must have made the difference as the star captioned the image: ‘Feeling so fresh today.’

I sincerely apologize that Amanda Bynes and her public tweets about her weight are considered news but for all you tweens out there, don’t have a goal of being 100 lbs. That’s honestly just way too skinny which is what we hear Bynes is shooting for.

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