Amanda Bynes Enrolls into Fashion School

Amanda Bynes Manhattan Criminal Court Appearance - July 9, 2013

This is really good news if you are one of those people who cheer for those who may have stumbled a bit, but you know will get back up on their feet. Amanda Bynes enrolls into fashion school. This means that the troubled young actress is indeed taking her second chance very seriously, and wants to make sure she doesn’t slip up again. You have to stop an admire that for a second. She is not just vanishing or going away. She is fixing herself, and that is wonderful to get to see.

As TMZ reports, seems the young star is doing all she can to not slip back into the wiles of the dangerous life she had before her hospitalization. Just the simple fact that Aamnda Bynes enrolls in fashion school is enough to tell us that she knows the most trouble she could get into would be when she has nothing to do, so why not keep herself busy so that wont happen. It is also important to know she intends to keep up her counseling and therapy while also juggling school.

So it seems her ambition is still in place, and who knows, Amanda Bynes could end up being a remarkable designer. They always say it is the tortured souls who produce the best art. I guess we will see how true that ends up being.

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

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