Amanda Bynes Leaves Treatment Center to Stay with her Parents

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Well, this is good news. Honestly, for awhile there, no one knew how it would play out for Amanda Bynes. Seemed the actress was having a rather public breakdown, and the sad part is that it ended with her being sectioned by doctors and her parents. For those who don’t know what that means, basically, it means that Amanda Bynes was checked into a hospital, and her family and that hospital decided it would be better for her if they kept her for awhile. This is only done when the person is a potential harm to others or themselves. Good news for fans of the troubled young starlet. She is going home!

Daily News has the details, but it seems the young star has been doing better and better everyday. She is receiving out-patient treatment many times weekly, and is said to have displayed some real progress since she first went into that “treatment center”. Reality is, Amanda Bynes was on a dark, fast, downward spiral. The thing is, she had people in her life who know and love her enough that they stepped in and stopped her before something truly tragic happened. Imagine how much worse it may have gotten had her family not stepped in?

We are glad to hear Amanda Bynes is back at home with her family. We hope these clouds pass for her and that she sees the sun again. She is very talented, and just slipped up for a moment. The best of us have done it. Just maybe not to that extreme. But to turn around from that? Well, that is just awesome.

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

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