And the Most Fascinating People of 2013 Are…..

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I can’t believe I didn’t make the list. I mean, I had a banner year. Got my name all over the place, published thousands of articles. Seems no luck, though. What list am I talking about? Why, when Barbara Walters picks the most fascinating people of 2013, ofcourse. I mean, every year I hope my name will be on there, and every year, no dice. I thought this year would be different. But NOOOOOooo. All kidding aside, though, she has some pretty interesting choices on here.

The Wrap has the whole story, but we can tell you the good parts. The most fascinating people of 2013 are:

Miley Cyrus

Jennifer Lawrence

Kanye West

Alright, I’ll admit, I do find all three of them sort of fascinating. Jennifer Lawrence is quirky and sweet and very much down-to-earth. Kanye West, on the other hand, carries himself larger than life. Oh, and Miley? Well, she is a force unto herself, but she took over pop culture in 2013. Few can deny that. There are more entries to the list, and reality is, we wont know her number one choice until December 18th, when the special airs, but I still have my fingers crossed that it may very well end up being me.

Okay, just had it confirmed. Definitely not me. Come on? I swear I am pretty fascinating!


(Photo by 13thWitness/Getty Images for Samsung)

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