Angela Lansbury to be a Dame in New Years Honor List

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My initial thoughts on this are that people in America do not realize the high honors that come with dame status in the U.K. That is the female version of being knighted. It is an honor that not many woman get in their lifetime. So to receive those honors are nothing short of remarkable. Well, add Angela Lansbury (of classic Murder She Wrote fame) to the short list of woman who have been given the title of dame.

There will be an event held on New Years Eve in Britain where the heralded actress (among others) will be given the titles. It has been a big year for Angela Lansbury, as she was given an honorary Oscar and her old show Murder She Wrote was lined up for a modern day reboot starring Octavia Spencer. It is nice to see when established actors and actresses get the props and accolades they truly deserve for a life of hard work entertaining the masses. Heck, we may write about, but we cannot imagine it. The closest we will ever come to be knighted is in a video game. Just keeping it real, people. USA Today has all the details involved.

Congrats to Angela Lansbury. Frankly, she deserves to be a dame.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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