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Animal Rights Protest Held Outside of Liam Neeson’s Home

Seems Liam Neeson recently showed support for New York’s horse drawn carriage industry, and this did not sit well with animal protesters. How did they react? By picketing the actor and protesting outside of Liam Neeson’s home. The truth is, most people don’t understand how horses are fairly mistreated in that field, so you cannot blame the actor. Most likely he was misinformed. But surrounding his house with signs seems a little extreme, and this is coming from an animal lover.

I do not mean to undermine either side on this, but protesting outside Liam Neeson’s house is odd. They don’t do it because he, himself, keeps and mistreats horses or anything. They do it because they know if they picket outside Liam Neeson’s house, they will get coverage and more press. Right now, as I sit here, typing this, I can tell you that has clearly worked. We would not have heard a peep about this protest had it not been in front of a celebrity’s house. In that sense, they made a smart choice. But for just one moment, imagine being Liam Neeson and looking out the window, wondering what the heck you did wrong.

My thoughts on the horse story are not what you tuned in here for. But I can tell you that it seems a little insane. Again though, me talking about it proves that they sort of know what they are doing. I just hope they don’t make him mad.  Have you seen Taken?

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