Anna Paquin Will Not Be in the New X-Men Film

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In a bit of sad news for X-Men fans and Anna Paquin fans. Seems Anna Paquin will not be in the new X-men film. Seems very odd to recast the Rogue character this far in the game, but there are some reasons for it. You may not agree with them, but there are reasons. Trust me, it is nothing nefarious. Just a matter of convenience.

As BBC News talks about, the reason Anna Paquin wont be in new X-Men movie is that the one scene they were shooting with her ended up being a little too hard to pull off completely. Director Bryan Singer has nothing but wonderful things to say about the True Blood star. He also expresses that she took the news well, and understands that movies need to “evolve”. My thought is this, though. From the way the scene sounds, so the how finale they are making her character sound, are they hinting at us they Rogue may die in the new X-Men film?

We can laugh at that, but come on? They killed off Cyclops for no reason. Killing Rogue would not be unheard of for this series.

Either way, Anna Paquin will not be in the X-Men film. Singer has hinted she has a scene or two that may make the director’s cut in the future, though.

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

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