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Anne Hathaway Got Caught in a Riptide in Hawaii, Injured Foot

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Anne Hathaway‘s vacation in Hawaii took a nearly devastating turn on Wednesday. The popular actress got caught in a riptide while taking a dip in the ocean and needed to be rescued. The incident resulted in only a minor foot injury, but could have been much worse.

According to accounts, the Oscar-winning actress panicked when she got caught in a riptide and started screaming for assistance. Fortunately, a nearby surfer went to Hathaway’s aid quickly and saved her from anything major. The injury was only a minor scrape of her foot on the reef as she was being rescued from the powerful current. Her husband Adam Schulman was there to tend to her wounds with a first aid kit.

Hathaway was seen later that day strolling down the beach smiling. Disaster averted, all seems to be well with Hathaway and her little Hawaiian getaway with her husband.

Image via Mark Davis/Getty Images

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