Ansel Elgort: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort has made a name for himself over the past five years. Not only is he handsome, but he is a great actor. He got his big break in 2014, and since then, his career has been on fire. If you have seen some of his movies and want to know more about him, read on. If you have never seen any of his movies and want to know more about the man and his work, read on.

Ansel’s Early Life

Ansel was born on March 14, 1994, in New York City. His father is Russian and Jewish, and he works as a photographer. His mother is English, German, and Norwegian, and she is an opera director. As a child, he knew that he wanted to be an entertainer and he tried out for the School of Amerian Ballet. It was there that he studied under the talented dance trainer, Olga Kostritzky. She was the dance trainer who taught Natalie Portman when she was training for her role in Black Swan. He also attended Stagedoor Manor summer camp. While he attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School, he started acting. This was the same high school that Jennifer Aniston, Nikki Minaj and Adrian Brody went to.

His Favorite Movie is Billy Madison

According to Billy, when he was growing up his favorite movie was Billy Madison. It was also his older siblings’ favorite movie. He says that they watched the movie at least 70 times. He says he knows every line from the entire movie. When he used to watch the movie, he would say the lines along with the characters. This was something that would sometimes drive the people he was watching with, crazy.

He Is Serious About Elevator Etiquette

When Ansel is on an elevator, there are certain rules that he expects the other occupants to follow. For example, when a person gets on the elevator, he expects them to push the button for their floor just once. He says that pressing the buttons over and over again doesn’t do anything and it just drives him crazy. What he hates the most is when a person presses the “door close” button over and over. He says that the button doesn’t work and it drives him crazy when people push the button again and again.

He Says He Makes the Greatest Breakfast

According to Ansel, he has been making over easy eggs every day for years. He says that over the years, he says that he has perfected his technique. He says that today, he makes the very best over easy eggs. Considering that over easy eggs are relatively difficult to make, his ability is very impressive.

He Has a Nickname That He Uses Often

When Ansel was growing up, his brother called him Ansolo. It was a play on Harrison Ford’s character in Star Wars, Han Solo. The name stuck and his family called him Ansolo his entire life. Today, he uses the name when he is working as a DJ or a producer. Since 2014, he has been publishing is electronic dance music on SoundCloud. Soon, his hard work paid off and he landed a record deal with Island Records in 2015.

He Was Occasionally a Child Model

When Ansel was a child, his father who is a photographer, would often take him on photo shoots. If he needed someone to stand in, his father would add him into the shots. During an interview with Vogue magazine, he said that he was often in the background of his father’s shots.

He Isn’t Afraid to Cry

Unlike many men, Ansel isn’t afraid to cry and he has no problem admitting it. He says that he has no problems showing his soft side. He went as far as to admit that he enjoys a good cry. He finds it to be cathartic.

He Is Dating His High School Sweetheart For Years

Ansel met Violetta Komyshan in 2012 while the two attended school together. She is an actress and she starred with Ansel in The Billionaire Boys Club. She is also a ballerina. In August 2015, the pair split for a short time, stating that their busy work schedules made it impossible to make the relationship work. They didn’t stay apart for long, and they got back together after being on a break for 5 months. On New Years Day 2017, the couple was photographed sharing a kiss on the beach to celebrate the New Year. He admits that he is a one man woman and he will always be that way. He says what he likes most about Violetta is that she is driven and focused. He says that a woman who works hard is the biggest turn on.

Ansel’s Career So Far

Ansel has had a pretty amazing career so far. His first big acting job was in Carrie in 2013, where he played Tommy Ross. The next year, he landed roles in Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars, and Men, Women & Children. In 2015, he landed roles in Insurgent and Paper Towns. In 2016, he acted in Allegiant and he did a voice job for the Allegiant video game. Finally, in 2017, he starred in Billionaire Boys Club, Baby Driver, November Criminals, and a TV movie call Ascendant. These films are all currently in post-production.

Ansel Elgort Net Worth

Over the years, Ansel has managed to make a good living for himself. He has an estimated net worth of $6,000,000. According to reports, he makes $735,000 per year. For filming Divergent alone, he earned $1,400,000. Considering the fact that he has been getting more and more work, he is likely to double his net worth in the next few years.

One thing that sets Ansel apart from many other stars in Hollywood is that he is a normal guy. He has a strong work ethic, he is a one woman man, and he has his pet peeves just like everyone else. He has a pet dog who he loves and his main focus is on his relationship, his family, and his career. We can only expect great things from him in the future. Only time will tell.

Photo via Instagram

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