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The Most Anticipated and Rumored Albums To Hit 2014

If we take anything from 2013 in the music world it’s that it was a year of surprises. Miley Cyrus probably being the biggest surprise. Then there was Justin Bieber whose tales are almost limitless right now. Right before the year ends he rumors retirement even though that was totally false. Bruno Mars was the most pirated artist of the year. So can we top all that was 2013 in this New Year of 2014?

Probably. New Music Tuesday talks about some of the news that we might be reading about this year. Included in this video are some interesting details about what Adele might be up to, Kanye, Jay-Z, the Foo Fighters, and even legendary heavy metal band Metallica.

Bruno Mars should make things interesting at the Superbowl. Do you guys think that 2014 can top 2013? Who knows what Miley will be up to this year.

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