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It Appears Katy Perry Broke up with John Mayer

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Okay, what is Katy Perry’s deal? She is an absolutely stunning woman who seems genuinely sweet and is stunningly beautiful. So why does she date players? First, the lead singer of Gym Class Heroes, who is a well known Lothario. Next, Russell Brand, who is another well known player. After he plays her, she dates, of all people, John Mayer. And she wonders why her relationships don’t work out? Well, it appear this one hasn’t either. as Katy Perry broke up with John Mayer this weekend.

The kicker is, no one knows why. They recorded a song together and always seem to be gushing and hugging and loving each other every time we see them? So what could have prompted the act that cause Katy Perry to break up with John Meyer? Well, doesn’t take much speculation if you know anything about Mayer. Reality is, he probably did something really stupid behind her back, and she probably found out about it. Understand, this is purely speculation on my part, and nothing more. But the reality is, if it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and water rolls off its back like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

The funny thing is, just a mere few weeks back, Perry was seen with a huge diamond on her ring finger, leading many to speculate that she and John may have been tying the knot. Now, rumor is that they broke up and she is no longer talking to him. So really, what happened? I bet she checked his phone. That can be a death blow for a guy like John Mayer.

Again, not saying he did anything wrong, but he probably did. Hey, you know our motto: someone has to say it.

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