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Arby’s Purchases Pharrell’s Grammy Hat for $44,100.00

56th GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

I happen to almost be certain that Pharrell Williams is trolling people right now with his clothing selection. You don’t wear capri pants to the Oscars without being aware of what you are wearing. Also, another thing that has to prove this is the giant hat he has been wearing lately. I find myself thinking he must have something awesome hidden under it, like treasure or a ray gun. Well, Arby’s (the food joint) has recognized the hat lately, too (as their logo) and have been doing some trolling of their own on Twitter towards the famous star. Well, guess what? Last night, Arby’s purchased Pharrell’s Grammy Hat for almost fifty K.

This is where you clearly know the line divided between you and celebrities. If you wore that hat out of your house, friends and family would be mortified, and make sure to point out to you how silly you look. Pharrell Williams wears it and makes $44,100.00. It pays to be famous in the country. Literally. Well, just so you know, he donated all the proceeds to his From One Hand To Another foundation, That is the other difference. If you got fifty K, a spending spree would have happened. To a star as big as Pharrell, he just donates it to a cause who needs it more than him. You gotta admit, that is a pretty solid way to go.

The best part is, Arby’s is talking about how is it happy to have “its hat back.” This story is a win on all fronts. Pharrell recognizes how silly his new hat trend is. A foundation gets a ton of money towards a good cause, and Arby’s pays almost fifty thousand dollars to make a joke on social media.

Okay, life has gotten a bit strange, we can admit.

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS)

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