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Are Katie Holmes and Jake Gyllenhaal an Item?

Is love in the air for Jake Gyllenhaal and Katie Holmes? Most likely not, but new reports claim that the duo has been going on dates and that Gyllenhaal even made Holmes dinner at his New York City apartment. The news comes courtesy of the not-so-reliable Italian gossip magazine Grazia. The outlet claims that Joshua Jackson set the two of them up, and that he has been “the mastermind behind this romance.

It’s definitely rumor for now but kind of fun to think about don’t you think?  Who would have known that after all these years Dawson’s Creek would be back in action.  I just never thought it would involve a woman who was married to a scientologist and a man who’s most famous role was playing a not straight Cowboy.   Way to go Josh Jackson for the set up. Or should I say, “Pacey!”

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