Arsenio Hall Gets into Accident with Brand New Porsche

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Listen people, if you are going to buy sports cars to be cool you at least need to learn how to drive them. They drive nothing like the cars you are used to and that becomes evident but just how many people bang them up. Just last night, Arsenio Hall gets into an accident with his brand new Porsche. Granted, he is not hurt, but still.

As TMZ reports, everything was fine for Arsenio Hall. He did not get hurt. The Porsche was not totaled (more of a fender bender) and the cops reported that Arsenio Hall was not only sober, but also very kind of responsive to the EMT’s and cops. Regardless of this happy ending, we still need to address the issue at hand. Celebrities need to stop buying sports cars if they don’t know how they handle. An innocent Porsche got banged up last night, and that’s just not cool.

All kidding aside, we are happy to hear that Arsenio Hall is fine after his accident. I believe that is a festivus miracle if I ever saw one.

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

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