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Ashley Greene Dubbed as Nightmare Tenant By Neighbors

We reported a few days ago that the condo of Ashley Greene went up in flames.  While that is a tragic story it doesn’t seem to be a surprise to those that lived around her.  According to TMZ, the actress was an utter nuisance — they say her unit was a revolving door for her fellow actors, friends and others who came and went in the middle of the night. The people who lived below Ashley say there was so much commotion above them they had trouble sleeping. On top of that, residents complained that Ashley didn’t control her dogs — which were incessant barkers.

However, the owner of the building will be doing a complete fix up of the condo and has no intention of disciplining or even saying anything to Greene because she pays her rent on time.   I mean I guess it’s good to get money but fear that those tenants just might move out Mr. owner.

I’m also very curious about the habits of Ms. Greene.   Personally I’d love to go to one of those middle of the night things.

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