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Australian DJs are Facing Backlash Over Hoax Nurse Death

Accused of having blood on their hands by furious listeners, the Australian DJs at the center of the UK royal hospital hoax tragedy have been taken off air as the public backlash intensifies.

As the pressure mounts, the bosses of troubled Sydney radio station 2Day FM have suspended until Monday all commercials, after some of Australia’s best-known companies, including telecommunications giant Telstra and supermarket heavyweight Coles, withdrew their advertising.

To be honest I’m still not 100% clear on all of this.  I don’t understand why a suicide would follow this prank.  Granted the prank was a really stupid idea after all is said and done.  However, let’s put a spin on this.  What if the prank had been a success?  What if the nurse didn’t kill herself and this wound up being hilarious?  What if there was a recording of the whole call to Kate Middleton’s room?

Honestly it would have been a viral sensation and perhaps this story wouldn’t even exist and the radio station would be a big hit right now.   I really wish there was more information out there on this nurse…..

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