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Australian Radio Show Cancelled Amidst Kate Middleton Nurse Prank

Well it looks like trying to pull a prank on the duchess of England does not fare well.  Let that be a lesson to radio stations and morons everywhere who are trying to hone in on what really should be a private and intimate thing amongst a couple.  Granted we know that in this day and age that’s an impossible thing but still.  They are human beings like anyone else and having a baby is pretty special.

The company that owns the radio station responsible for the Kate Middleton radio prank says it has “terminated” the show and will implement “a company-wide suspension of ‘prank’ calls.” Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) issued the statement this morning sayingit still feels “deep regret” for the death of hospital nurse Jacintha Saldanha following the prank and “take the events of the last few days very seriously.”

SCA says it has taken the following action:

– The suspension of all advertising on 2Day FM until further notice;
– The termination of 2Day FM’s Hot 30 show;
– A Company-wide suspension of “prank” calls
– A comprehensive review of relevant company policies and processes

SCA says it has tried to reach out to the hospital, but had “no success.” Something tells me that this show won’t be on for quite some time.  Probably serves them right.

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