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‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo Photographed with Other Woman, Not Nikki Ferrell

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We are now almost a month removed from the most horrific season in ‘The Bachelor’ history. Unfortunately, we are not anywhere near removed media coverage of Juan Pablo Galavis…. According to RadarOnline, just a month after Juan Pablo didn’t tell ‘Bachelor’ winner Nikki Ferrell that he loved her and didn’t propose, the reality-tv failure has been seen with another woman. (To the surprise of no one). Star Magazine reported that Juan Pablo attended at tennis match last week with Miami realtor Lena Lowell. The report says that they chatted and shared food during the entire tennis match. At one point, he even put his around around the attractive young blonde.

The report does get a little accusatory saying that Juan Pablo was “nervously checking his phone” every ten minutes, but that doesn’t mean much. As for Ferrell, the couple reunited two days later on March 27th to attend the Pool After Dark party at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City. The party didn’t go off without a hitch either – supposedly, a stranger threw a drink at him during the party.

Just a typical report from the world of Juan Pablo Galavis if you ask us. As for Ferrell, she’s not doing her gender any benefit by hanging around this guy. We’ll see how long the naive young nurse buys his act.

Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

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