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Best Justin Bieber Lawsuit Ever? Hotness Causes Hearing Loss

A mom named Stacey Betts slapped Bieber with a $9.23 million lawsuit claiming her hearing was severely damaged at a 2010 concert when the Biebs “enticed the crowd” into a screaming frenzy.  Now Justin’s firing back, claiming Betts’ lawsuit is missing a few things like facts.

According to the documents, there’s no way Justin Bieber  could have known “pointing to a crowd” would cause a so-called “sound blast” and Betts’ suit also fails to allege Bieber has any duty to stop fans from making noise.

I cannot even believe that I just heard this.  I cannot believe that I actually typed that out.  I cannot even believe that I live on a planet where things like this are actually happening.  I  mean it’s one thing to put a roach in a yogurt can and try to settle for millions with the yogurt company.

It’s another to say “this guy got the crowd going so much that I went deaf and he should be sued for it.”   I have no words.

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