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Bette Midler Will Be Performing at the Oscars

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I think I need to start this whole article out with what I think many older fans of TV will find rather shocking.  Bette Midler has never performed at the Oscars. Wait, what? A woman known for her crooning and acting ability has never been asked to perform at the one ceremony that would truly give her the credit she deserves? That is utterly shocking to me. Good news, though. This year. Bette Midler will be performing at the Oscars. Seems a bit overdue, but better late then never, as they always say.

The strangest part in all this is that Bette Midler is not actually up for any awards, and has done nothing particularly new this year. It is just as if the Oscar board realized they probably should have asked her years ago but never had the chance. For those not familiar with the actress, I should only need to say one thing. Wind Beneath my Wings, from the movie Beaches Not only is it the film she is most well known, but it is a song that has brought her many accolades over the years. Oddly enough, it just never brought her on the actual Oscars. Well, that is set to change in 2014. So what do you think Bette Midler will be performing at the Oscars?

It could go many directions. She could bust out Wind Beneath my Wings and make everyone cry. Or she could do The Rose and, well, make everyone cry. Keep in mind, it is not a bad cry. It is just her songs seem to summon genuine emotion in many people. Her songs seem to encapsulte her movies, which also have a strong tendency to bring on the waterworks.

The Academy Awards will be on ABC on March 2nd, at 8:30. Make sure to tune in and watch what this amazing woman can do.

(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Songwriters Hall Of Fame)

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