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Beyonce and Jay-Z Bring Toddler to VMAs

The VMAs were last night and everyone is talking about one thing this morning: Blue Ivy Carter’s presence at the award show. That’s right; Beyonce and husband Jay-Z had the best accessory of the night Sunday night. They brought their 2-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, to the awards show. She sat in dad Jay-Z’s lap during the performances, including the 15-minute performance her mommy gave. She then went on stage to help her dad present her mom with the Vanguard award.

Beyonce was the talk of the night. In addition to receiving the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award, she was also the most nominated singer at the awards ceremony. She performed the longest performance, coming in at 15 minutes, that included a montage of some of her best hits. While she performed, her daughter and husband looked on. Blue Ivy wore a gold sparkling dress that went well with Beyonce’s gold, sparkling onesie.

“Thank you. I have nothing to say, but I’m thrilled with so much gratitude. I just thank God for this moment. I love y’all so much. My beloved, I love you. My fans, I love you. MTV, I love you. Good night!” was the full spectrum of Beyonce’s acceptance speech. She kissed her daughter when she was brought on stage.

While it’s not customary to bring a toddler to the VMAs, it’s certainly got people talking. The internet and news are filled with stories of how irresponsible and how questionable it was for the couple to bring a toddler to a show that’s notorious for being raunchy, loud, crazy and anything but PG. On the flip side, other stories state how cute the star’s baby is – it’s certainly the first time the couple has allowed their daughter to make a public appearance. She’s usually kept shielded and hidden from the public eye. The family is known for being very, very private and it’s making fans wonder why that type of privacy is being thrown out the window all of a sudden.

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