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Beyonce’s Mom Says All is Well in her Daughter’s Marriage

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It’s not typical for Beyonce and Jay-Z to make public declarations of love or anything personal, for that matter. However, it’s not uncommon for Beyonce’s family to talk to the press. Her mom, Tina Knowles, opens up amid rumors that the powerhouse couple is headed for divorce to let the world know where her daughter and son-in-law stand.

“Haters gonna be haters and there’s nothing we can do about that,” she said regarding the rumors that Bey and Jay are divorce bound. She vehemently denied the escalating rumor that her son-in-law cheated on her daughter and that they are no longer together. When reporters asked Bey’s mom how the couple is at the moment, she said, “Everything’s perfect!”

Unlike her mother, however, Beyonce prefers to keep things quiet. She and her husband don’t talk to the media – ever. They do things on their own and make it their own personal mission to attempt to keep as much privacy in their lives as possible. The most talking they do is through their actions. When divorce rumors began to circulate, Beyonce made it a point to start posting pictures on her social media sites of her happy family. Occasionally she will include a caption or two letting the world know she loves her husband and daughter and that their family is just fine.

However, her mom doesn’t have quite the same filter. Blue Ivy’s grandmother is happy to dispel rumors that anything is amiss in the Carter household. Fans of the couple can rest assured that things are looking good for Beyonce. You’ll see her again this weekend when she makes an appearance at the VMAs to accept the Vanguard award and to perform. She and Jay will be in Europe beginning in September to wrap up their joint tour.

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