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Big Ang Confirms She’s Returning to Mob Wives

First time I ever walked in on my lady watching Mob Wives and Big Ang was on, I honestly thought it was an SNL sketch. I really did. I, like many,  wasn’t 100% sure if she was real.  I mean, even I could do a perfect impression of her, right away.  Thing is, she is a real person and the show is also very real. Well, good news for fans of Big Ang, as she is coming back to Mob Wives. Wait, she left?

Sorry, I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention. No, she didn’t leave. There were just rampant rumors that she would not be coming back for the next season, which she has gone on record to say is a lie. She says she has no idea where that rumor got started, but not to fret. Mob Wives would not be the show it is without Big Ang.

The long and the short is, Big Ang knows she is gonna have haters and people who want to see her fail, and she refuses to give those people the attention they want or give in to what they think will happen.  A huge part of the allure of the show for many is watching her and trying to figure to deduce what she’ll possibly do next. If Mob Wives lost her, they lose the one thing that has people actually tuning in.

(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

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