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Biggest Loser Winner Rachel Frederickson Says She Feels Great


As I am sure many of you have heard over the last week, people are sort of up in arms about Biggest Loser Winner (that feels weird to type) Rachel Frederickson’s weight loss. People are actually going on record to say she is “too thin” and that it looks like it may be bordering on unhealthy. But how about we just step back for a second and look at ourselves. First, society drives this woman to feel like she needs to lose weight so she can be accepted. But then, she loses weight, and people are like: whoa whoa, slow it down. Imagine how they make her feel? I can see where people are coming from, but in the same breath, how about we leave the poor girl alone for a moment and let her figure out what SHE wants to do?

The reality here that most don’t understand is, The Biggest Loser show is not only staffed by trainers, but those people see doctors on a regular basis. Don’t you think if she was too thin for her size, they would let her know the risk this poses? Granted, she does look very skinny (went from 260 to 105), but at what point can we accept that we are to blame for this? It is this constant battle of “you’re too thin, you’re too fat” that we thrust upon woman in our society.

Oh, and Rachel Frederickson? Well, she is claiming she has never felt healthier, happier, or had more energy. So why don’t we just side with her for a second? Why don’t we take a moment to congratulate her, and also, just kind of let life happen. If she is unhealthy, it is within reason that she will gain some of the weight back at some point, so everyone just needs to chill on the poor girl.


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