Billy Joel is Returning to the Stage After Hiatus

Billy Joel Honored With Steinway Hall Portrait

There was a really rough patch that singer Billy Joel hit in the late nineties, early two thousandths. It seems that no matter what the singer did, he could not keep from getting into trouble, legally.  Well, good news for fans of the legendary crooner, as he recently announced a return to the stage.

The Pittsburgh Post  has the story, but the long and the short is that Billy Joel will be doing a one-show-a-month run at Madison Square Garden that will begin in January and run through May. So all those nights Piano Man came on at the bar, and you and your friends sang along, seems Joel was listening and is complying. He is, indeed, singing us another song, he’s the piano man.

Okay, I know that was low hanging fruit, but come on? Relax, we didn’t start the fire. Bam, two awful Billy Joel themed jokes, back to back. I’d say you’re welcome, but I am not sensing any “thank you’s”.

Tickets for the first show go on sale Monday, December 9th, at 10:oo a.m.

(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

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