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The Black Keys are Planning a Big Tour This Fall

For me, the success of the Black Keys has been bittersweet. Sweet because they are an incredibly talented band who deserve all the fame and accolades. Bitter because I have liked them since 2002, back when no one knew who they were. People forget these guys have been doing it for almost fifteen years now, and think they are some new band. Despite my own bitter feelings, they are an awesome band. For that reason alone, I am pretty stoked they have just announced a big tour for the fall.

Trust me, the best way to hear the Black Keys is live. These two dudes (and usually a backing studio band) make about as much sonic noise as you can even imagine. A booming, crunching, wall of sound. The tour will be happening around North America come fall, and they will even be accompanied by fellow rockers Cage the Elephant for a few select dates, as well as some other, less well known bands. The show will have its first gig on September 5th in Ohio and the Black Keys wrap that show up on December 21st in Kansas City, MO.

So what can you expect from a Black Keys live show? Well, they are about as funky and blues as a mainstream band can get, so expect to be moving and grooving, and on a few occasions, blocking your ears because boy does it get loud. Trust me, from me that is a compliment. Rock should be loud and in your face.

Check your local listings to see when the Black Keys will be playing your town.

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

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