Bob Barker Returns to The Price is Right

'Price is Right' 6,000th Show Taping

I am not the only one who pictures Happy Gilmore now when I think of Bob Barker, right? There is something just so enjoyable about remembering him sock Adam Sandler in the face, over and over. The thing is, if you think about The Price is Right, that show has been on since we were all kids, and the whole time, with all due respect, Bob Barker was old. The thing is, the man never shows it in his actions, and always seems to just keep doing what he is known for. Want further proof of this? He returns to The Price is Right Thursday, but it’s not for what you think.

No, he is not coming back to host, sadly.

Seems Bob Barker returns to The Price is Right so he can take part in a celebration for his 90th birthday. Wow, can you even fathom that? Just the simple fact that the guy can get up, get dressed, and still play the part is nothing short of remarkable. I am not even forty yet and can barely do that stuff. All kidding aside, it makes us very happy Bob Barker returns to The Price is Right this week, even if it is only for a day.

Afterall, it is a day celebrating him and all he did for game shows and TV, and I think Bob Barker deserves that. More details at CBS News.

(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

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