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Bode Miller and his Baby Mama are Preparing for Custody Battle

Bode Miller’s baby mama is preparing for battle telling media she will fight tooth and nail to make sure the Olympic champ doesn’t get custody of their unborn son. As first reported, Miller filed a paternity lawsuit against Sara McKenna, seeking to establish custody rights, their son will be born next month.

McKenna tells sources she plans to fight Bode’s request, claiming the ski champ previously wanted nothing to do with the baby.  McKenna says Miller initially denied the baby was even his and has not bothered to contact her since she got knocked up.

Wait a second, who the hell is Bode Miller?  I mean have we even heard of this guy since the Olympics?  Like, who is he now?  What is he doing with his life other than impregnating pissed off women?  And to our surprise calls into Miller’s lawyers were not answered!  How about that?

Prediction.  Bode Miller weighs over 300 lbs within 5 years.

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