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Bolshoi Ballet dancer Pavel Dmitrichenko detained

Russian police detained one of the Bolshoi Ballet’s top dancers on Tuesday over an acid attack that nearly blinded the troupe’s artistic director and exposed fierce backstage rivalries at the famed theater. Russia’s Interior Ministry said in a statement that Pavel Dmitrichenko, a Bolshoi soloist who is to dance in “Sleeping Beauty” this month, is suspected of plotting the attack that left Sergei Filin, 42, with severe burns after a masked assailant threw a jar of acid in his face.

Since I hadn’t heard the story until now I had just assumed that Pavel was doing drugs  Guess not.   Police also said they detained Yury Zarutsky who is suspected of carrying out the attack and another thought to have driven him to the crime scene outside Filin’s apartment on January 17.

The Bolshoi theater could not be reached for comment.  We just hope things settle down over there and that the Russians can get back to dancing as usual.

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