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Bonnaroo 2014 Lineup Announced: Kanye West to Return

2013 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival - Day 4

Every year around this time we get really stoked, mainly because the Bonaroo lineup gets announced. If you have never seen the show live, you’re missing out on an amazing time (if festival shows are something you enjoy). It is days of music, madness, and mayhem, but we mean that in the best ways possible. Also, the lineups are always killer. Stars stacked on stars stacked on stars, and the audience is full of them. This year, the man himself will be returning. That’s right, Yeezus will be taking the stage again at Bonaroo and it’s another can’t miss lineup if you ask me.

First and most importantly, the tickets go on sale in two days and you can get them right here. The lineup for this year’s show is gong to be typically awesome and you will get to see pretty much any band or group in any genre of music you love.

Next up, lets not forget what the audience is like. Crawling with stars of all calibers and genres. You could be standing next to some celebrity while watching Kanye West perform. It really is very much a once in a lifetime event given how the lineup changes every year.

Some of the other bands taking the stage at Bonaroo are:

Flaming Lips

Jack White


Lauryn Hill

Vampire Weekend

Elton John

Wiz Khalifa

Frank Ocean

It really is a music festival like no other. One where you see the stars, but you also get to rub elbows with them. Just be aware if you are new to the festival, it is pretty much an unspoken rule that you do not bother the celebrities. That is kind of what sets Bonaroo apart, it is known that you just leave them alone and have a good time.

Still cool to say you saw a show with Katy Perry standing next to you.

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

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