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Bow Wow Is Not Being Fired: Dispels 106 & Park Rumors

Bow Wow Visits fuse Studios

So have you heard the news? The rumor circulating that Bow Wow was being fired from 106 & Park? Well, when we tell you the real story, you might feel like a fool if you believed it. Bow Wow is NOT being fired from 106 & Park. Everyone has been all up in arms and upset (as he is such a staple of the show) but everyone needs to chill. When you find out the truth, you will either laugh or be real annoyed.

So as Hollywood Life points out, this was all a huge misunderstanding. Bow Wow is not being fired from 106 & Park. It was all started by an The Onion-esque site that started the rumor that Bow Wow was being fired because he charged a bunch of child support on a company card. Thing is, I am not linking or mentioning the site. They got enough hits for being liars, my last goal is to bring them any more.

Bow Wow eventually took to social media and cleared the whole thing up. No harm, and more press for him, so in the end, he wins.

(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

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