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How Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Kept Their Wedding a Secret


The news that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie married last weekend in France has shocked the world. The Hollywood power couple has stated for years they would not tie the knot until gay marriage was legal everywhere, which it is not. However, the parents of six decided to go ahead get married anyway, planning a super secret wedding that shocked the world. The question fans want to know is how the superstar celebrity couple was able to pull off a wedding without anyone knowing.

Pitt and Jolie married at home in France. Home for the couple and their family is an estate by the name of Chateau Miraval. French officials suspected nothing in the days leading up to – and following – the wedding of the famous couple.

“No one in Correns knew a thing. It was a marriage which seems to have been carried out in total intimacy and absolute discretion,” states one French official in the village in which the couple resides. Since the announcement that the duo wed a little more information has been made public, shedding some light onto how they were able to marry without anyone finding out.

For one, most people expected that the marriage license would be obtained in France. No one expected that the couple would apply for their license in California, which is the couple’s home state – but that’s exactly what they did. Additionally, Pitt and Jolie have spent weeks arranging for the ceremony by quietly visiting florists and other vendors in locations far outside their French home. Finally, they wed in the midst of a very busy schedule, which did not allow for any indication of the wedding.

Jolie has been in Malta working on a film the couple will film together, and Pitt has been promoting his new drama, Fury, away from home.

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