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Bradley Cooper Will Star As Elephant Man on Broadway

20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Press Room

I have to admit, Bradley Cooper has been impressing me with some if his acting choices. He is a good looking guy who doesn’t always pick the good looking roles. That is actually to his credit. The craziest part is the next two roles we will see him in. First up, Guardians of the Galaxy where he is playing a space ranger, talking raccoon. Yup, it’s true. Then, after that, Bradley Cooper will star as Elephant Man on Broadway. Not sure if you are familiar with the part, but to say it is a demanding role is to sell it short.

If you are not familiar with the Lynch film, allow us a moment to fill you in. Cooper will be playing John Merrick. A man who was inflicted with a rare disease that completely deformed him. It is a wholly heartbreaking tale about a brilliant man, misunderstood and mistreated because he looked different. That is what makes it so ironic that Bradley Cooper will star as Elephant Man on Broadway. Not only is he not playing off his good looks at all, his god looks will be fully covered by a hideous prosthetic for the entire show.

Either way, this makes us respect Bradley Cooper even more.

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

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