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Brendan Fraser is Losing $87,000 A Month

Brendan Fraser filed docs in Connecticut recently as part of an ongoing battle with his ex-wife to lower his alimony payments, which currently sit at $50,000/month. To prove his financial situation isn’t what it used to be, Fraser listed his monthly income and expenses, and it’s not pretty.

According to Fraser, he makes about $205,704.04/month, but $112,803.25 goes to professional expenses leaving him with $92,900.79. Fraser says he makes another $25,800.28 from interest and other financial things rich people get and then the expenses kick in, including…..

Alimony — $50,000
Mortgages — $5,000+
Property tax — $6,000+
Income tax — $34,132.52
Child support — $25,000
Gardening — $5,200
Various insurances — $5,000+
Family support and gifts — $5,000+
Staffing — $3,000
Pet care — $7.77 (Does he have a goldfish?)
And it goes on and on …

Fear not Brendan Fraser fans. His net worth is reportedly $25 million so we don’t think he’s in too much trouble just yet. Must be nice to complain about making nearly 100K a month. Maybe they should make an Encino Man sequel? I’m sure Sean Astin and Pauly Shore would be up for it. Seriously though, how awesome would that be? Actually it would be terrible but I’m sure I would be laughing the entire time at the stupidity.

Remember when Fraser was like sort of a “hunk?” Feels like forever ago. I mean he was the star of The Mummy!

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