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Brittany Murphy’s Final Movie is Going to Be Released

It fees like it’s been a long time since Brittany Murphy died.  It was super weird, as all these exotic drugs were found in her system and there was some speculation that her older husband may have had something to do with it. Then he turned up to be dead himself.   It was a very odd time.  Even now, years later, it is like no one talks about that, or even the actress herself anymore. As if someone removed it all from our memories. Well, guess what? Brittany Murphy’s final movie is finally coming out.

The movie is called Something Wicked and will debut April 4th in Eugene, Oregon. As odd as that may sound as a location for a premiere, that is actually where the film was shot. Very little is being said or shown of the movie, but it is said that the film is a thriller. A “love story gone wrong” as they say. The movie hopes to get a much wider release over time once word of mouth grows, but that is all very dependent on how the movie is received. If people like it, you can safely bet it will be in more and more movie theaters across the country. But if people don’t, kind of sad to think that Brittany Murphy’s final movie might just sort of vanish, leaving us with no more work from the actress who died far too young.

I hope the movie does well and the circulation goes wider. If this is her last work we will ever see, more people need be given the chance to see it and remember what a talented young soul she was.

(Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

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