Brittanya Ravazi: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Brittanya Ravazi

Brittanya Razavi is a model and an actress. She is the co-owner of an international clothing line and she spent a lot of time on reality television. She is also extremely active on social media. If you don’t know much about this talented, successful beauty, you should continue reading. Chances are, you may remember her from her days on reality television. If not, you will be able to learn more about the woman who has over 8 million Instagram followers, graced the covers of several popular magazines, and who let us get to know her a bit better on reality TV.

Brittanya Comes From a Big Family

Brittanya grew up in a house with four brothers and sister. She says that being able to have her brothers and sisters around her way always a blessing. She says that there was always something to do, there was always someone to play with, and there was always someone to talk to. She believes that having her brothers and sisters around growing up has made her what he is today.

Her Father Went to Jail When She Was Just 15 Years Old

When Brittanya was just 15 years old, her father went to jail. She ways that he always taught the family to take care of one another and that is what the whole family did. She lived with her father her whole life up until then, but she knew that considering his lifestyle, there was always a chance that it would happen. This fear made her nervous, and it gave her a drive to become more independent. According to Brittanya, she bought her first car when she was just 12 years old, four years before she could even legally drive it. When she was 13 years old, she got her first job. She says that she did these things to be prepared in case the worst were to happen, and it did.

She Went To Jail Herself

In 2008, Brittanya was involved in an altercation where she attacked a woman with a “pimp chalice”, which is a fancy drinking goblet, made popular by rappers. The woman needed several stitches to close the wounds that Brittanya caused. She was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon, and she pleaded guilty. She received 6 months in Ventura County Jail in Santa Paula, CA. According to the last tweet that she posted on Christmas Day in 2008, that she would be leaving for jail and that she would only be allowed to receive postcards. Letters and packages were not allowed.

Rock of Love

Before her time in prison, Brittanya appeared on VH1’s Rock of Love. It was a show where several women vied for Brett Michael’s heart, who was the lead singer for the rock group, Poison. According to Brittanya, she just happened to be at the right place at the right time, and she was discovered by a talent scout. She appeared on their third season, and she made it to the final 6. The runner up from the first season, Heather Chadwell and Ambre Lake, the winner of the second season, returned to the show to help Brett choose which remaining woman would be best for him. When they were questioning Brittanya’s ex-boyfriend about their relationship when they were together, she got very angry. She spat on Heather and swung at her. Because of this, she was eliminated. She says that she was thankful for the experience.

Charm School With Ricki Lake

Her bad behavior on Rock of Love earned her a shot on the VH1 spinoff, Charm School With Ricki Lake. This was a show that took the craziest and most out of control women from Rock of Love and tried to turn them into well-refined ladies. In that show, she finished fourth. According to Brittanya, it was her time on Charm School that opened her eyes to real life and real issues. That appearance got her a spot on the short lived competition, I Love Money, where she finished sixth.

Her Time On Reality Television Opened the Door for Modeling

After her time on reality television, she was approached by a variety of magazines for modeling jobs. She was featured on the covers of a variety of magazines including MMA Sports Magazine, Rebel Ink, Spire Magazine, Tattoo Energy, and Savage Tattoo.

She is the Co-Owner of an International Clothing Business

After her time in prison, Brittanya was driven to make her life better than it was before. She wanted to take the right path and become successful. Her company is called 187 Avenue, and it is an online clothing store that sells clothing for men, women, and children. If the website for her business is According to Brittanya, her company is extremely successful.

She Has a Significant Amount of Tattoos

Brittanya has a significant amount of tattoos. She says that there isn’t a story behind each tattoo itself, but there is a story behind when she got each tattoo. She says that she got her first tattoo when she was just 11 years old. When she was 11, she got another one. The person who did her tattoo when she was 11 years old turned out to be an excellent tattoo artist, and that person became her exclusive tattoo artist and he did most of the work on her entire body.

She Isn’t Afraid To Work

According to Brittanya, she doesn’t plan to retire anytime soon. Even if she is financially able, she ways that she won’t. She says that to her, work is a drug. In the next 5 years, she expects to have additional businesses up and running and making money other than the projects that she is already involved in.

Other Business Ventures

According to Brittanya, she has other business ventures already in the works. She says that she has a subscription platform that was just released and she owns vacation rentals.

The Secret to Her Instagram Success

Brittanya believes that her success started by getting the app when it was first released. She also believes that her time on reality television and posting photos daily keeps her followers interested. Brittanya is a very interesting woman. She had it all, a reality television career and a modeling career. She lost it after she went to prison, but she came back fighting and is now, more successful than ever.

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