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Bruce Jenner Shows Off New Neck After Adam’s Apple Surgery

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The new improved neck of Bruce Jenner made its first appearance yesterday, and boy does it look great. According to US Weekly, Bruce was photographed for the first time on Monday after having surgery on his Adam’s Apple. Jenner was seen in Thousand Oaks, California sporting long hair, a blue t-shirt, and what looked like a very odd neck.

[Click this link to see a photo of Bruce Jenner’s new Adam’s Apple]

The former Olympian recently underwent a surgical procedure at the Beverly Hills Surgical Center to flatten his Adam’s Apple. Sources revealed that Bruce intended to have the surgery in December, but chose to postpone it once the information was leaked to the public.

The controversy is that the surgery is one of the steps for gender reassignment. There’s been false rumors spread that Jenner intends to become a woman. According to him, he didn’t like his trachea. This, of course, assumes that people look at your trachea and care in the slightest bit. We don’t get it, and we’re not going to try to. Jenner looks absolutely ridiculous with the hair plugs and plastic surgery.

Photo by Paul Redmond/Getty Images

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