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Bruce Springsteen Fights Rain at Free Concert in Dallas

They call Bruce Springsteen the boss, you know? They call him that for a reason, too. Because he is the man. Nothing can get in the way of The Boss. He will send his message and sing his songs, no matter what. You don’t just earn a cool nickname like that by not being awesome. That is a title that you need to earn, and at his most recent show he definitely proved he was The Boss, as Bruce Springsteen got caught in some rain, and did not let that stop him from putting on an amazing free show, regardless.

Ar Reunion Park in Dallas, thousands upon thousands of fans were stacked to check out the free show that Bruce Springsteen was giving. You can imagine much of their dismay when it started to rain. But that didn’t shake or deter the boss at all. He still took the stage, and with the rain pouring, gave the people a show they would never forget. I have a couple points I want to make about this.  One, seeing one of your favorite acts put on a show in the rain can be magical. The rain falling and they grey skies all somehow add a very epic feeling to an outdoor show. Yeah, it stinks getting rained on, but that might be the one scenario where it can sometimes add to the moment.

Next up, how do people not get electrocuted playing a show in the rain? I mean, half of the stuff on stage is plugged in. Sorry if I sound foolish, but that always surprises me, too.

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

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