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Bruno Mars is the Most Pirated Artist of 2013

It’s not a surprise to many that piracy is still a huge issue in the music industry.   And just in case you wanted to know, Bruno Mars is stolen from more than any other musical talent out there.   According to a company called music metrix, Mars’ music were illegally downloaded 5.8MM times in the past 12 months.  In case you are wondering who else was on the list, Rihanna finished second with 5.4MM.

Following these two were acts like Daft Punk and Justin Timberlake.  Music and movie piracy still remains a pervading issue in both industries.  At the same time however, some acts might not be as big as they if not for the illegal downloading of their work.

For the more established acts who are already millionaires it’s one thing.  But for budding stars I’ll be they don’t mind all the taking going on, especially if it leads to an album or tour sales.   It’s an issue that will always have to be dealt with.  But I guess congrats to Bruno Mars?

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